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Creating Cohesion On A Distributed Team, A DFCU and Motivosity Culture Story

How Motivosity Supports the Team at Deseret First Credit Union: DFCU’s culture is fun and cohesive — it’s a close-knit work family made up of employees that love what they do and who they work with. Motivosity helps bring the DFCU team closer together and puts their mission at the forefront of everyday work. Motivosity brings everyone together and allows team members to talk with one another, see what’s happening, and appreciate each other. Shane London tells how he was skeptical of Motivosity at first glance, but now is a deep-rooted believer in showing gratitude and making connections at work.

Shane London is the President and CEO at Deseret First Credit Union, a religion-based credit union dedicated to encouraging financial security to expand the ability of members to serve those around them and feel fulfilled.

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