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Tech Enabled Recruiting Backed by an Abundant Culture, An IsoTalent & Motivosity Culture Story

Isotalent is a leading recruiting firm able to find candidates anywhere in the world. They proudly aid in both the search, employment process and have even recently built a “co-op” where they connect recruiters to job-seekers for an even more seamless talent acquisition. Although there is plenty of tech involved to make IsoTalent successful, what sets them apart is a culture of abundance and employees that want to contribute to a bigger cause. That’s where Motivosity makes the difference.

Austin Miller, Co-Founder of IsoTalent, makes sure his employees, seasoned and in the early stages of their career, have the tools to properly make meaningful connections with their co-workers. Motivosity has made it possible to help people connect with the idea of “abundance and giving back”. It allows for a work environment that fosters trust and a commitment to something bigger.

“I want all of our talent to grow, be happy and give back. I want them to contribute to something bigger than themselves. I think that Motivosity is a key tool to help people do that on a day-to-day basis.” - Austin Miller

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