Improve employee experience from all angles

Our software platform offers four seamlessly integrated products to help you address each key aspect of job satisfaction in one powerful solution. Buy just one, or collect all four. :)

What Makes for Motivated Teams?

The top drivers of job satisfaction are:

people are recognized and
appreciated for what they do

people feel a sense
of belonging at work

people have a constructive
relationship with their boss

Our four products are designed to address each of these needs.

The modern employee engagement platform
for the modern workforce

Companies unlock their greatest potential when they connect, recognize, lead, and listen.

Our four products, coincidentally named Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen work seamlessly together to bring this goodness to your great company.


Connect with your company

Inclusion and community concerns? Use Connect to help team members better understand and interact with each other. And go global with automatic translations between 71 languages.

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Create a culture of gratitude

Empower everyone with a little influence currency and watch the power of public praise along with a little positive psychology work its magic on morale.

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Turn managers into leaders

Your managers can move the masses. Support them with the tools for continuous feedback, 1-on-1s, succession planning, and priority tracking.

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Understand team sentiment

Get access to a continuous stream of employee sentiment. From eNPS to custom pulse surveys - Listen helps you listen!

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We are serious about making these tools accessible from everywhere. Our favorites are Slack, MS Teams, Workday, BambooHR, Ultipro, ADFS, Ping, Okta, SAML2.0, Google, Outlook and API access.


Not everybody sits at their desk and our native mobile application for Android and iOS are the perfect solution to help employees and managers who are out and about.


Motivosity maintains a current SOC type II certification. Need we say more? We're serious about the security of your data. SOC II reports are available upon request.


All of your offices should be part of the community, regardless of where they live or what language they speak. Motivosity is localized in 10 languages and includes automatic translations for 71 dialects so everyone can be connected.

How Does it Work?

With Motivosity, you can address the needs you have today and grow into other solutions down the road.
Here are the most typical implementations:

Company-wide recognition & rewards initiative

Everyone in the company gets access to Motivosity Recognize. Motivosity Connect is included for free. Companies often add Motivosity Listen to capture satisfaction and survey information from everybody as well.

Departmental manager development initiative

Whether or not everyone in the company has Motivosity Recognize, a Line of Business Owner, such as a VP of Sales, adds Motivosity Lead to their department. Other departments typically follow.

Custom initiative

You can mix and match any of the four products and they'll all work together. Put everyone on Motivosity Connect and Listen, two departments on Recognize, and one other department on Motivosity Lead... not a problem. Any license for Recognize, Lead, and Listen will automatically include the license for Connect as well.

The Motivosity Platform

Our soup-to-nuts solution for a happier, more engaged workforce.