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Why Engaged Employees Should Be Your Top Strategic Initiative

Do you know the real cost of disengaged employees? Well it is probably higher than you think because for the first time ever retention has become the biggest factor impacting business strategy.

Employee engagement is no longer just an HR initiative, it’s a business initiative. The cost of disengaged workers being less productive and creating higher turnover rates might end up being the most expensive item on your P&L. Join Matt Dorius to discuss why employee engagement is so important and actionable initiatives and ways to get executive buy in.

We don’t want to spoil too much, but here are the teasers for what we will be talking about with you:

  1. Diversifying your understanding of employee engagement and what the three main drivers are
  2. Deriving an ROI from ‘thank you’ and employee appreciation
  3. Building a case for the value of what research says needs to be your top business initiative

Matt Dorius is the CFO at Motivosity, a company that provides software to supercharge employee retention, engagement, and leadership development. Before Motivosity, Matt spent time as a Big 4 auditor and was subsequently in leadership positions at the software companies Jolt Software and HireVue. When he’s not driving finance & operations strategy at Motivosity, he spends time with his wife running three daughters to soccer/ballet, and chasing a two year old boy (and occasionally throwing a backflip on the wakeboard).

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