Illustration of a Deseret First Credit Union.
Illustration of a Deseret First Credit Union.

An Executive Team That Understands The Importance of Gratitude

Deseret First Credit Union is a financial services company founded in 1955 with a close-knit work family made up of employees that love what they do and who they work with. Motivosity helps bring the DFCU team closer together and puts their mission at the forefront of everyday work.

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99% platform engagement

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1,167 appreciations were given in the last month

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Managers give out an average10.08 appreciations per month

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2,391 appreciations are tied to a company value

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The Culture Was Good, But They Knew It Could Be Great

Deseret First has always had good culture. But with their growth, several different branches, and busy workforce, there wasn’t enough to help leadership and employees feel like they were as connected to DFCU as they should be. Their leadership team decided they needed to bring in the best culture partner they could find.

Hello, Motivosity!

Deseret First Credit Union uses Motivosity to connect their teams across different locations and create the kind of work family they’ve always wanted. And when 99% of their employees are active in Motivosity, you can be sure that their team is serious about building relationships and making a difference in the lives of their peers and employees.

"DFCU’s culture in one word would be ‘home’. It’s a safe place for the people that work here and the people that bank here. Motivosity has helped make that a reality through appreciation and gratitude."

- Kriss Davis, Learning & Development

Image of Kriss Davis, Learning & Development
Illustration of Carl the Yeti as a bank teller.
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Results So Great, Even The Skeptic Executive Bought In

We all know that getting the executive team (especially the CFO) to buy into an employee recognition initiative isn't always th easiest hill to climb. Deseret First experienced that firsthand. Although they had some skeptics on the leadership team when first proposing and implementing Motivosity, the results quickly convinced them that gratitude in the workplace works.

Shane London, the CEO of DFCU, has become a deep-rooted believer in the importance of showing gratitude and connection at work. And not only that, but he now understands the importance that executive engagement in a recognition program has in helping employees feel like they matter in the workplace.

"I’m a former CFO so I have that doubtful part of me; a skeptic if you will. When Motivosity was first presented to me by our HR team, I said ‘we will give it a shot and see where it is.’ Boy, was I wrong. The biggest impact Motivosity has for DFCU is engaging people on a deeper level, beyond individual teams or branches."

- Shane London, CEO

Image of Shane London, CEO
Image screenshot showing some key insights on the Motivosity dashboard.
Illustration of the Motivosity store.

Employees Feel Recognized In A Way That Works For Them

Deseret First is a company full of diverse employees in different locations. It can be hard to navigate personal and professional relationships when your team is distributed and full of different personalities. The leadership team at DFCU knew there was a way to celebrate the differences between employees and bring them together, no matter where they were located.

Using Motivosity, employees are able to be connected, recognized, and rewarded in a way that works for them. DFCU’s unique set of employee-centric company values has become engrained into the team and employees are excited to go to work and enjoy the time they have with their coworkers.

"I love the culture at Desert First Credit Union. It’s a place where people want to work and where we want to have fun. Employees respect each other and respect and celebrate the differences that we have."

- Heidi Schulz, Regional Branch Manager

Image of Heidi Schulz, Regional Branch Manager
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