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Whether your team is at home, at work, or a bit of both — make meaningful connections that go beyond a screen!

Keeping the good things your people are doing a secret? So last year. Using an interactive social feed to broadcast the great things happening in your company and connecting your employees in new ways? Now that’s what we’re talking about!

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Make recognition a company affair.

Your employees want to take part in recognizing and appreciating their peers! When you make public recognition a priority, you give your team the opportunity to scream and shout about the awesome things that are happening every single day. And, with the ability to react and comment on appreciations, piling on that extra bit of love is easier (and more fun) than ever before.

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Image for Don’t let your new hires get left in the dust!

Don’t let your new hires get left in the dust!

It’s happened before…a new employee starts, maybe they’re remote or just get caught up in the job, and before you know it, they’ve been there for three months and don’t know a soul! Using Motivosity’s social feed partnered with personal profiles, fresh faces can make connections with the click of a button.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The ability to share our experiences with one another has created a greater bond between our team.”

- Alexander B.

“I love the fact that I can quickly and easily thank members of my team for going above and does go a long way to share some words of appreciation.

- Matt P.

“The ability to recognize a co-worker in a fast and easy manner is huge. It makes it quick and fun and really makes an impact for the one who receives it.”

- Bradley B.

“Motivosity drives our employees to publicly thank and reward each other for a job well done.”

- Andrew W.

“Motivosity is a great way for leaders to recognize employees and for those employees to recognize their own peers for a great job or wonderful attitude.”

- April P.

“We have an international team and we can use Motivosity across the board no matter which country our team members are in.”

- Nikki W.

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