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Current Events Have Employees Working from Home

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Time for leaders to step up! Motivosity can help.

What it is, What it Could Be, What it isn’t.

Working from home is nothing new. The work-fromhome approach started to take shape at the turn of Y2K and has grown ever since. In fact, there has been a 91% increase in remote workers in the last ten years. And the reasons for the increase were built around proven, positive findings - things like an increased talent pool and improved retention rates.Those work-from-home employees have their routine down and are pros at making all work. No wonder, since 70% of people who are full-time remote workers have been working remotely for at least three years.

Now enter coronavirus and the world has changed. Millions of people who have never worked remotely before find themselves at home trying to stay focused, keep their productivity high, and get things done. Fortunately, today’s tech tools allow those workers to be as productive as they would be if they were working in the office -- at least in theory. But what all that working from home does to company culture and employee motivation is a different thing altogether. As workers deal with this significant change, it’s time for leaders to step up and Motivosity can be a significant help.

No it’s not as easy as telling everyone, “Just work from home.” Aside from things like the need for high speed internet, a good computer, PCI compliance, good cell phone coverage, and a host of other items, some employees just aren’t wired in a way to thrive disconnected from their coworkers. A majority of people are considered “social” by nature. They enjoy their interactions with others - and work is a place where they normally spend a good chunk of their waking hours. So here are how strong leaders and Motivosity can help.


In times of uncertainty, strong leaders lead. Be a calming influence. Let your team members know that you’ve got your eye on the problem and that you’ll make changes as needed. Don’t panic. Help reassure your team that you all have faced problems successfully together before and that you’ll succeed again. During these challenges, people look and respect those that aren’t under-reacting, but also aren’t over-reacting.

Definitely be a communicator. Share your plans with team members. Be tuned into their needs and make the communication a conversation. One size doesn’t fit all, so as people have unique needs, talk with them about those needs and do what you can to be accommodating.

Motivosity is an Employee’s Life Line:

Start by focusing on what really matters to employees -- what motivates them and keeps them engaged? The top three are feeling appreciated for their work, having a solid relationship with their manager, and feeling a sense of community with their coworkers. Here is how Motivosity can help with all three and be a life line for remote workers:

  • Feeling Appreciated: Clearly, it’s easier to thank someone for a job well done when you’re sitting next to them in the office. So how can it still work for remote workers? Actually, it can work even better. Motivosity allows peers and managers to give small monetary bonuses to others for doing great work (remember, even though people are remote, they will still be working on projects together). And with Motivosity, that recognition is posted on a social feed for everyone to see. Public praise works!
  • Having a Solid Relationship with Their Manager: Motivosity helps managers be better managers by giving them tools so they can provide regular, meaningful feedback to their team members. Newly sent-to-wok-from-home workers can often wonder, “Do they even know I’m here?” That can create uncertainty. Instead, if managers are providing regular feedback, using Motivosity, those remote employees will be more engaged and productive.
  • Feeling a Sense of Community: 36% of remote workers said their biggest struggle with working remotely was loneliness and collaboration challenges. Work is still happening. With Motivosity, even when you are remote, you can share highlights of accomplishments with your coworkers; employees can remain connected through interests they list on their personal profile; and it’s easy to recognize birthdays and work anniversaries. An individual’s job responsibilities are easily accessible to co-workers, regardless of distance or location. All of these types of activities and information will help your employees feel more connected. Motivosity also allows you to measure employee satisfaction on an ongoing basis. That way, you can see where you might have trouble spots that need more attention.

It’s a weird time for everyone. Change in the work environment can be extremely hard for some. Don’t leave it to chance. Yes, tell them to wash their hands and to not touch their face. Have them work from home, if you think that is the right thing to do. Then, do what you can to keep your employees engaged and thriving by stepping up your leadership skills and using a tool like Motivosity to help.

Start by focusing on what really matters to employees -- what motivates them and keeps them engaged?