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July 14, 2022

Motivosity Wins The Triple Crown Of Comparably Awards

LEHI UT, July 14, 2022 -- Motivosity is back and better than ever! It is thrilling to announce the repeat wins of Best Leadership Team and Best Career Growth awards. Also getting added to the collection is Best CEO for Women to the collection–awarded to their very own, Scott Johnson.

Comparably awards are especially important to the team at Motivosity because Comparably’s data comes straight from the source; employees! Comparably sends completely anonymous surveys to company employees gathering feedback on leadership teams, company culture, and overall company sentiment. One employee said, “The leadership team at Motivosity cares just as much about your personal development and success as the success of the overall company. The true sense of community and energy on a daily basis is unlike anything I've seen in my professional career”.

Leadership Team survey questions range from approval ratings for the CEO, executive leadership team, and direct managers while the Career Growth award is based on questions about professional development opportunities at the company. The ratings are anonymously reported on during a twelve-month period from June 23, 2021, through June 23, 2022.

Scott Johnson, Founder, and CEO of Motivosity commented saying “What sets Motivosity apart is the immense amount of positivity flowing in and through our business. It’s contagious.” Focusing on “helping people be happier about being at work”, starts with our own employees. Motivosity’s philosophy and product are focused on helping teams connect in-person and remote teams, recognize and reward their employees, improve manager relationships, and make company values something more than just a slogan on the wall. Winning both Best Leadership Teams and Best Company Career Growth is resounding proof of those values working on a deeper level than just office decor.

The mission at Motivosity is to make people happier at work! That would be impossible without the Motivosity team. That’s why Comparably awards are so important, they represent an internal measure of what Motivosity hopes to help every organization achieve through gratitude and connectedness.

About Comparably

Comparably ( is a leading workplace culture and compensation monitoring site that provides the most comprehensive and accurate representation of what it’s like to work at companies. Employees can anonymously rate their employers in 20 workplace culture categories, providing the public a transparent and in-depth look at the experiences different segments of workers have based on gender, ethnicity, age, department, tenure, location, education, and company size. Since launching in 2016, Comparably has accumulated 10 million ratings on 60,000 U.S. companies.

About Motivosity

Motivosity is an employee engagement and recognition platform that helps build cultures of gratitude and connectedness for teams of all sizes. Our product suite works seamlessly to connect in-person and remote teams, recognize and reward your employees, improve manager relationships, and make company values something more than just a slogan on the wall. Not to mention, Motivosity customers boast an impressive 95% adoption rate. Take a closer look at