Motivosity Listen - Product Overview
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All the employee satisfaction data you need, in the simplest way

Listen puts data at your fingertips. It’s designed to collect information ranging from employee satisfaction, eNPS, turnover, and custom surveys and deliver it in an easy and ready to use way.

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Understand your employees

With Motivosity Listen, you will have a one stop shop that gives you all of the needed insights into your employees and organization. Let's make sure customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction is guaranteed.

Real Value


"The Motivosity platform provides us insights and analytics that we hadn’t considered, or even thought possible."

Austin Miller


VP Human Resources

How Motivosity Listen helps leaders create constructive relationships with their direct reports

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Get access to a constant stream of employee input throughout the year with our eNPS reports. What does the company’s employee net promoter score mean? Your manager’s eNPS? Each department’s or team’s? Get continuous results to help stay connected to your employees.

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Pulse Surveys

Need a quick pulse check on your employees? Need to see preferences within your team? Create your own survey and push them out to anyone you want. You can even offer a few extra dollars for completion of the survey to make sure you are getting each and everyone’s “buy in”.

Screenshot displaying various graphs to learn about employee turnover and retention.

Turnover Data

We want to help you get clarity around turnover. Listen can help you keep track of it all, look at trends, collect exit interview information...and even see improvement in retention when using the full suite of Motivosity products!

Screenshot displaying a dashboard where you can choose which reports you would like automatically generated and who it can be shared with.

Scheduled Reports

Customize what data you want and who you want to share it with, then generate automatic dashboard and reports to be sent out.

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