Motivosity Connect - Product Overview

Connecting your employees matters more now than ever!

Feeling connected to your company and being appreciated at work are two of the main driving factors for motivating employees. When your company has the tools to appreciate and connect with each other, you’ll be able to achieve the culture you’ve been working towards.
Your employees want to belong
Go beyond job titles and bring out the personality of the team. Motivosity Connect is designed to help employees have a better understanding of the people around them and to share and appreciate all the good things people are doing within your company.
Real Value
"I liked taking the quiz to see what kind of employee I am and who is like me within the company. I think it helped show us a better way to communicate with one another and see which employees are engaged."
LaDonna Zarrelli

How Motivosity Connect keeps your company connected

We all know you have great employees, now your employees can be appreciated consistently by managers and peers!
Highlight and Announcements
Build social connection throughout your organization by allowing employees to share highlights and successes from inside and outside the office. Share company announcements and newsletters to keep everyone up to date.
Personality Types
While creating their profile, each employee can take a personality test and see who within the company they are most similar to. Then get helpful tips and insights on how to best work with them.
Interests and Responsibilities
See who within the company has the same interests as you and connect with them. Can’t remember who you should be talking to for your next task? Just search what you need and find out who is responsible.
Org Chart
A simple and easy way to visually navigate your company and see who does what and where.